Adam Schiff Warns Trump Is Trying To Con Democrats on Impeachment


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is warning Democrats that they need to let the investigation play out because Donald Trump is trying to use impeachment to motivate Republican voters.

Schiff wrote in The New York Times:

During the course of our investigation in the House Intelligence Committee, we have found troubling evidence of both collusion and obstruction of justice. The special counsel, Robert Mueller, has no doubt seen even more than we have, but his investigation is not complete, and our efforts continue as well. There is much more work to do before any of us can say whether the evidence rises to the level that we should consider a remedy beyond the one that voters will render at the ballot box.


Given the evidence that is already public, I can well understand why the president fears impeachment and seeks to use the false claim that Democrats are more interested in impeachment than governing to rally his base. Democrats should not take the bait. Let President Trump arouse their voters as he will, while Democrats continue to focus on the economy, family and a return to basic decency. And in the meantime, all Americans should reserve judgment until the investigations have run their course.

Rep. Schiff makes a great point. Trump and the Republicans are already fundraising off of impeachment. Schiff is trying to tap the brakes on people who want to impeach now before the investigations are completed. Any impeachment articles will be based on the Mueller report. There will be no movement on impeachment until after Robert Mueller releases his report. It looks like both Trump and Congress are gearing up for a potential impeachment, but the time for that battle has not arrived yet.

Democrats have not won a single election by running on impeachment since Trump took office. Democrats have won elections based on healthcare, jobs, wages, and the economy.

Democrats need to be smart. Don’t give the Republicans a reason to show up in November. Impeachment will be decided after all the evidence is in. It’s not a threat to use in a midterm election.

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