Bill Maher Nails Trump By Comparing Him To A Drunk Parrot

After Trump tried to get Hillary Clinton investigated for what feels like the nine millionth time, Bill Maher responded by comparing Trump to a parrot who is playing a drinking game on Groundhog Day.


Maher said during his monologue, “Trump has it under control, he told reporters to say that the FBI should really be going after someone named Hillary Clinton. Apparently, she had 30,000 emails. Oh f**k, it’s 2018, she lost, shut up about the damn emails. He is like a parrot playing a drinking game on Groundhog Day.”

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Maher perfectly described Trump. No one cares about Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the guy whose campaign is under federal investigation for conspiring with the hostile foreign power who illegally obtained those emails should probably stop bringing them up.

Trump is a parrot. He only knows a few phrases. Fake news, witch hunt, and no collusion are the big three, but he repeats them over and over again. Just like a drunk parrot, Trump doesn’t seem to know what he is saying, but he says it on an endless loop that drives everyone around him crazy.

Bill Maher perfectly summed up what we have running the country. Trump is a parrot who is playing a drinking game while perpetually stuck in the 2016 election.

Trump is poorly trained talking bird who everyone wishes would just shut up already about the 2016 election.

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