Broken Record Trump Predictably Attacks NBC With Fake News

Trump seized on a corrected error by NBC News to an attack on the network that was full of false statements and more presidential fake news.

Trump tweeted:

Why Trump’s attack on NBC News is fake news

Trump is wrong. The sources are very real, but they got one very important detail wrong. Trump calls the whole story fake, which is a way of distracting from the fact that he was caught in the FBI’s Michael Cohen surveillance. NBC was right about the FBI surveillance but had misreported the surveillance technique. The main point is the same. Trump got by the FBI talking to Michael Cohen.

Trump offered no support for his claim that the sources don’t exist because Trump‘s tweet is fake news. It is a lie that he repeats over and over again.

NBC News showed how responsible fact-based journalism works. Unlike Trump and his White House, news organizations do not intentionally publish false information. When a reputable organization that cares about the facts, reports an inaccurate detail, they correct it.

Trump has never corrected a single one of the more than 3,000 false statements that he has made as president.

Trump is a broken record. Anything that is reported about the numerous criminal investigations surrounding him and his administration, he declares to be fake news. It is the same message over and over again. His claims work with the 39% of America that supports him, but the vast majority of the country has grown tired of his predictable outbursts.

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