Trump To Freak Out As Mueller Interviews His Closest Friends

Robert Mueller is leaving no stone unturned as he is interviewing one of Trump’s closest friends, Tom Barrack.

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The AP tweeted:

Robert Mueller is looking at everyone associated with Trump’s businesses. He is not leaving anyone out, and appears to be chasing down every connection and lead. Trump will certainly freak out when he hears that the Special Counsel is talking to the people closest to him. For Mueller, it is smart to talk to everyone in Trump’s orbit, and one suspects that he is doing so as part of his obstruction of justice investigation.

Trump is a notorious gossip and blabbermouth, so it is possible that he called up his buddies and bragged about firing Comey. Trump also constantly polls his friends on what he should do as president. Mueller is examining Trump’s conduct and businesses in a way that no one ever has before. He is looking at the big picture, and connecting the dots between Trump, money, and his unsavory dealings.

Mueller is closing in, and what he is building is a detailed case that will have gone into every nook and cranny of the President Of The United States.

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