Giuliani Makes Shocking Admissions About Trump on Fox News

Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News again Saturday for the third time this week and used the opportunity to defend Donald Trump while attacking Robert Mueller and James Comey.  Rudy’s rambling rant was unhinged and made about as much sense as Trump’s tweets on Thursday that apparently were written by a lawyer.

Concerning the Trump/Cohen payoff to Stormy Daniels, the headlines will read something like “Giuliani admits he doesn’t know the facts.” But what lawyer will give a legal conclusion without knowing the facts?  And that is exactly what Giuliani did Saturday night on the Justice with Judge Jeanine show, hosted by Jeanine Pirro.

But before we get more into that, we have to point out something else Giuliani said which will not make headlines but could be more important.

Referring to the investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Giuliani said “That case should be dismissed by the Southern District of New York.”

News Flash:  there is no case against Donald Trump in  the Southern District of New York.  At least that has been made public.

Rudy Giuliani, before becoming mayor of New York City, was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  He still has close contacts there and he may have inside information about what they are doing in the prosecutor’s office that he used to lead.

All they’ve done so far is say they have a criminal case pending against Michael Cohen.  They’ve never said Donald Trump is a target of a criminal investigation in the Southern District of New York, yet Rudy Giuliani is saying the case against Trump should be dismissed.

Reading between the lines, it is likely that Giuliani knows that Trump in fact IS a target in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), and that’s why he’s calling for the case against Trump to be dismissed.  This is huge news, and definitely something Giuliani was not supposed to discuss.

During the interview Giuliani also said that he believed that the Supreme Court will intervene on Trump’s behalf.  This may be further evidence that Giuliani knows something about a pending indictment against Trump which is not common knowledge.  For the Supreme Court to intervene there would have to be an indictment, which has not happened.  Why is Giuliani talking about the Supreme Court when there is no reason for them to get involved, unless he knows something that is not public knowledge?

Every time Rudy Giuliani goes on television to “clarify” his previous remarks he just muddies the water further, and makes things worse for Donald Trump.  To disclose that the SDNY may be bringing charges against Trump, and that the president may soon be indicted is a huge deal that Rudy was probably not supposed to talk about.

Which brings us back to another problem with Rudy’s TV appearances:  he is giving legal opinions without knowing the facts of the case he is discussing.

At one point during the Fox interview Pirro asked him about his earlier Fox News appearances. “Did you misspeak or did people not interpret what you were saying?” she said. “Were you talking about the facts or were you talking about the law?”

Here is Giuliani’s complete response:

“I’m talking about the law and the conclusion. The facts – the facts, I’m still learning. This is 1.2 million documents. I’ve been in the case for two weeks, virtually one day in comparison to other people so I’m not an expert on the facts yet. I’m gettin’ there. But I am an expert on the law, particularly the campaign finance law. I’ve lived under it running for president. And the fact is, there is no way this is a campaign finance violation of any kind, nor was it a loan. It was an expenditure and this expenditure would have been made whether he was running for president or he wasn’t running for president and we can show that from the history of these two gentlemen. And Mr. Cohen has probably been the worst treated – and Mr. Manafort – in this case. The raids on their house – Comey got really offended when I said it was storm trooper tactics. I think the judge basically said that, maybe a little more eloquently than I did. But after all, I’m a litigator in there, fighting for my client and some of the people around him.”

We can see why Trump likes him.  He rambles on with great certainty on topics that he doesn’t know anything about.  He doesn’t know the facts but is certain about his legal conclusions anyway.

Once again in attempting to make things better, he has made things worse for his boss, and if Trump were smart he’d tell Rudy Giuliani to make no further appearances on television.