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More Kushner Sleaze: Anyone Else Would Have Been Fired By Now

Luckily we have watchdog groups looking out for all of the sleazy things going on in the Trump Administration.  One such group, ProPublica, recently discovered more “mistakes” made by Presidential Son-in-Law Jared Kushner on his financial disclosure forms, and said it is the 40th time his forms have had to be revised.

After that, a different watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), said that Kushner would not have a job “if he were not married to the president’s daughter.”  And this is undoubtedly true.

Here is the report from ProPublica:

“Jared Kushner’s ethics disclosure filing misstated the financials on two Brooklyn loans, the latest in a long series of errors and omissions on the form. A Kushner representative confirmed the errors, attributing them to data entry and accounting mistakes. The representative said the figures will be revised in the next annual filing, which is due soon.”

“The form has been updated at least 40 times since Kushner first submitted it in March 2017. Each update can contain multiple revisions. The newly revealed errors center on pair of loans that Kushner Companies made to projects at 215 Moore Street in Bushwick and 9 DeKalb Avenue in downtown Brooklyn.”

“Kushner’s disclosure suggests that these loans could have generated more income from interest in a roughly yearlong period than the entire value of the loans themselves.”

Jordan Libowitz, spokesman for CREW said in an interview with Newsweek that it is “mind-boggling how someone can have that many errors and that many amendments and keep their job.”

“If anything, one or two amendments, but we’re at 40 at this point,” Libowitz said. “If he were not married to the president’s daughter, it would be shocking that he still is a presidential adviser.”

Kushner, as is typical, had no comment about the report, but paid someone else to speak for him.  According to Newsweek, a Kushner representative said he “has not filed 40 revisions of his disclosure report.”

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From the above partial list it is clear that Jared Kushner does not belong in our government and should immediately be sent back to New York in shame.  However in the Trump Administration there is no such thing as shame, so Jared is allowed to keep his high-level job, courtesy of his father-in-law.

History will show that Donald Trump’s decision to give Jared Kushner an important job within his administration is one of the worst decisions he ever made.


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