Rudy Giuliani Makes Trump Look Guilty As Sin In New Disaster Interview

Rudy Guiliani threw some fresh dirt on Trump’s political grave in an interview was a total disaster on ABC’s This Week. Giuliani claimed that Trump might take the Fifth to avoid testifying.


In response to a question about being confident that Trump won’t take the Fifth if he testifies in the Russia investigation, Giuliani said, “Uh, how could I ever be confident of that? When I’m facing a situation with the president and the other lawyers are, in which every lawyer in America thinks he would be a fool to testify. I have a client who wants to testify. Please, don’t — he said he wants to yesterday. And, you know, Jay and I said to ourselves, my goodness, I hope we get a chance to tell him the risk that he’s taking. So he may testify. And — we may actually work things out with Bob Mueller. Because working with him directly is good. ”

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The Trump legal team is making it up as they go along, and they no idea what Trump is going to do. Giuliani also said that they want Trump to only speak to Mueller for two and a half hours, with the questions given to them in advance, in an interview setting where Trump is not under oath.

Bob Mueller is going to agree to none of these conditions.

Rudy Giuliani can’t stop going on television and giving disastrous interviews where he harms his client. Trump has admitted that he likes having Rudy around because he also believes that the Russia investigation is a witch hunt, but if the investigation is a witch hunt with no merit, why would Trump take the Fifth Amendment?

Giuliani needs to stop talking before Trump ends up impeached, removed from office, and in prison. He isn’t acting as Trump’s lawyer. He is serving as the president media mouthpiece, and only digging the hole deeper each time that he opens his mouth.

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