Michael Cohen Is Privately Panicking As He Watches Trump And Giuliani Implode On TV

A new report shows that Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen is privately panicking about his own legal position, particularly as the president and Rudy Giuliani continue to incriminate themselves on live television.

According to Vanity Fair, Cohen believes his own situation was “complicated” as a result of Trump’s unhinged Fox & Friends interview, and made even worse by “a string of equally wildering comments uttered last week by Rudy Giuliani, the president’s new lawyer.”

The report reveals how Cohen and his wife have lost a combined 20 pounds since the FBI raids. It also details how the Trump lawyer is worried about his family getting caught up in all of his legal troubles.

More from the report:

Cohen recognizes that these interviews have complicated his legal situation. They have also added to his mental strain and financial burden. Cohen has told friends that he and his wife have lost a collective 20 pounds since the raids. According to friends of the Cohens, they have been approached by numerous friends and former clients asking if they can assist during this fraught time.

Cohen himself is grappling with the fact that, in his early fifties, his life and his business will never be the same, and that he is isolated from the people in Washington around Trump, who, he has said, have been treating him as though he is “disposable.”

“I am sitting here in this nightmare,” he has told people. He has said he has had no peace since January 2017, when BuzzFeed published the so-called “dossier” that made several claims about Cohen’s interactions with Russians throughout the presidential campaign (claims he has repeatedly denied). Since the raids, however, and following Giuliani’s media blitz, two people said that Cohen feels even more alone. Friends have said that “Washington has made a huge mistake” in hanging him out to dry. “That,” one person said, “is a dangerous place for him to be.”

Michael Cohen has reason to worry

Michael Cohen has every reason in the world to be worried about his own future. After all, his home and office were raided by the FBI last month, and a treasure trove of documents are in the process of being sifted through as we speak.

Given the high bar of probable cause that must be reached in order to authorize a raid, especially on the president’s attorney, the question probably isn’t whether investigators have evidence that Cohen committed a crime.

Instead, the real question is how many crimes they’re going to nail him for.

Add all of this legal trouble to Trump’s effort to distance himself from Cohen and the seemingly endless number of unhinged and incriminating interviews by both Trump and Giuliani, Cohen knows he is watching his own collapse in real time.

It’s only a matter of time before Michael Cohen will face the music for the years of shady work he’s been doing for Donald Trump.