Rudy Giuliani Is Going To Get Trump Locked Up His Associates Warn

Rudy Giuliani’s friends are saying that he is in over his head trying to be Trump’s lawyer and that he is exposing the president to potential criminal liability.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported on her show Deadline: White House:

Wallace said, “Rudy Giuliani’s associates starting to express concern that the former mayor may be in over his head. Two sources close to Giuliani say they advise him against repping his pal Donald Trump, and one this morning saying he advised Giuliani against sitting for the ABC interview yesterday that landed the mayor in more hot water. The ensuing media storm and questions about whether Giuliani is exposing trump to more legal liability touched a raw presidential nerve today and resulted in an early morning tweet storm.”

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Giuliani is going to get Trump locked up

As Trump’s lawyer, Giuliani’s statements can be used against the president. If Rudy keeps giving television interviews and running his mouth, he is going to get his client charged with a crime. No one really knows, because it has never been tested, whether or not a sitting president can be charged with a crime, but with the way things are going for Trump, he might not be a sitting president for too much longer.

Giuliani places Trump in more legal jeopardy with each new interview that he gives to the media.

None of this is surprising as Donald Trump tends to surround himself with unqualified people who are in way over their heads. In other words, people that are just like Trump.

Rudy is going to get Trump locked up, or at very least charged with a crime.

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