Trump Expected To Fire Giuliani If He Doesn’t Stop Confessing To Crimes

Giuliani has been Trump’s lawyer for less than two weeks, but the president is already thinking about firing him because he keeps confessing to Trump criminal activity.

Politico reported, “The president has been griping to associates that Rudy Giuliani, his new personal attorney, has failed to shut down the Stormy Daniels hush money saga. And he has expressed frustration that Giuliani’s media appearances are raising more questions than they are answering, turning the story into a days-long drama capped by the admission Sunday that the president may have made similar payments to other women. For now, White House aides said, Giuliani still has a direct line in to Trump – the two speak almost daily – and nobody in the West Wing is eager to insert themselves between the two irascible New Yorkers by yanking Giuliani off TV. But some aides said they expect the president to fire Giuliani if his behavior doesn’t change.”

The behavior that the White House wants to see changed is Giuliani’s habit of confessing to the media potential Trump criminal activity. When he is not telling Fox News that Trump and Michael Cohen conspired to launder the payback of the Stormy Daniels hush money, he is telling ABC News that there might be more Trump payoffs to other women out there.

Rudy Giuliani should have never been hired in the first place. No sane person who has listened to Giuliani in the last two years would pick him to be their lawyer. Donald Trump is proving that he has the worst judgment of any president in history. Trump keeps hiring the worst people, and he is so weak and indecisive that he is just now thinking of firing Giuliani instead of firing him right after the Hannity interview.

Giuliani can’t help himself. It is almost like he is trying to get Trump charged with a crime, and if Trump doesn’t fire him soon, he might be successful.