Rudy Giuliani Just Ticked Off Mueller By Making Up Fake Quotes

Rudy Giuliani is digging Trump’s political grave by inventing fake quotes about the investigation from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


NBC News’ Peter Alexander reported on a conversation that he had with Trump’s lawyer that contained a fake Robert Mueller quote, “In our conversation Giuliani basically accuse Mueller and his investigators of being heavy hand, that was his word. He said they’re setting the president up for perjury. He also insisted that Mueller privately expressed sensitivity about the length of the investigation. He told me that Mueller told him and the president’s other lawyers that he’s I think the words were sensitive to the fact it’s been going too long. I should note I spoke to a former federal prosecutor who worked closely with Mueller when he led the FBI who said there was, his words, no chance in hell that Mueller would have said that. He said he and the president haven’t come to any agreement on how his bills are going to be paid, for now, he only said that he has offered to volunteer his services.”

Rudy Giuliani has managed to his Trump destruction game by ticking off the Special Counsel investigation by spreading fake quotes about how Mueller is sorry about the length of the investigation. Given what is publicly known about the investigation and Robert Mueller, there is zero chance that he would strike an apologetic tone over the length of the investigation. Trump and Giuliani are making up quotes because they think they can beat the Russia investigation by winning a public relations war, but the investigation isn’t about PR. It is about potential crimes.

Trump isn’t going to escape justice with Rudy Giuliani and some tweets.

All he is accomplishing is giving more areas for the special counsel to investigate. Trump’s handling of the Russia investigation has been a series of bad decisions and self-inflicted wounds, but one of his biggest mistakes is the hiring of Giuliani to be his lawyer.

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