Trump Has A Big New Set Of Legal Problems Thanks To Giuliani


Former US Attorney Barbara McQuade said that Giuliani’s media interviews are admissible evidence against Trump that creates a whole new set of legal problems for the president.



McQuade said, “I think legally, Rudy Giuliani is creating more problems for President Trump. It seems that he went on a very deliberate media blitz to try to control the narrative. But under the rules of evidence, the statements of a person’s agent, including his lawyer, are admissible against the principal down the road. So all these things that Rudy Giuliani is saying could be held against the president, including what he knew and when he knew it, which could maybe solve one problem but create another under the campaign finance laws.”

Giuliani is creating more problems for Trump

It is not just the admissions about knowledge of the Stormy Daniels payments, Giuliani has also admitted that Trump fired Comey over Russia, and seems to have a purpose of giving more evidence to prosecutors which each interview that he does. Giuliani, like Trump, was a self-created myth. Giuliani created the myth of himself as “America’s Mayor.” The reality is that Rudy Giuliani hasn’t been an actual practicing attorney for decades.

Trump and Giuliani are trying to win a potential criminal case though publicity tactics.

Giuliani is Trump’s lawyer. His words can be used against Trump in court.

It isn’t your imagination. Rudy Giuliani is giving prosecutors more ammo and sinking Trump.
Giuliani hasn’t solved any of Trump’s problems, but he has managed to create half of a dozen new ones in less than a week.
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