GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Perfectly Captures Trump As An Incompetent Obama Stalker


Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC that incompetent Trump had made the world less safe because he is obsessed with undoing Obama’s legacy.



Schmidt said, “But he has isolated the United States. Of course, every time he goes to Europe and he equivocates on our obligations under the article 5 provisions of NATO; he sends a message to Vladimir Putin to go ahead, test us, make a move in the Baltics. Vladimir Putin, if he’s feeling gutsy on any day, looking at this president’s equivocations and the degree to which he has sundered the alliances that are so essential to this country, does he make a move? We don’t know. But the world got a lot more more dangerous today because of the incompetence of this president whose only foreign policy philosophy seems to be to nullify the Obama presidency. If Barack Obama was for it, he’s against it. And he’s against it even if it means he makes American national security weaker.”

Trump is not capable of deep thinking or policy formulation. All that he is capable of understanding is that Obama did it, so it must be bad. Trump is harming the United States Of America because he is obsessed with Obama. That’s it. There is policy justification for Trump’s actions. It is good and bad, black and white, with no one thinking about the consequences. Trump is wilting under Obama’s shadow, and the more that he tries to undo the Obama, the better the former president looks in comparison to Trump.

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