Obama, Biden, And Kerry All Slam Trump For Iran Deal Move

When Barack Obama was president, Joe Biden was vice president, and John Kerry was secretary of state, the U.S. government seemed to operate much more smoothly.  Those three people were not only brilliant and dedicated statesmen but they knew how to work together, tamping down their egos for the good of all.

Now, however, the government is run by a narcissist of questionable mental stability who thrives on chaos and can’t keep good people in his administration.  In addition to that, the current President of the United States seems dedicated to only one thing:  undoing the legacy of accomplishments of the Obama Administration.  And yesterday he took one more step in that direction by his statements about leaving the nuclear deal with Iran.

Once again Obama, Biden and Kerry are in agreement:  they all think Trump’s statement was a terrible move for our country and for the world and will make Iran even more belligerent.

As we reported yesterday, former President Obama issued a statement about Trump’s actions, saying they were “misguided” and “a serious mistake.”  According to Obama, without an Iran nuclear deal “the United States could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear-armed Iran or another war in the Middle East.”

Since he was secretary of state when the Iran deal was negotiated, John Kerry had a lot to say about Trump’s move also.   According to him, leaving the Iran deal “created confrontation, isolated the country and placed U.S. foreign relations in a precarious situation.” In Kerry’s opinion the most important thing about the deal is that it wasn’t just the United States involved, but that it was agreed to by the international community itself.

“What the president has done by withdrawing unilaterally is placed the United States in breach of this agreement,” Kerry said. “He has literally taken a situation where there was no crisis and created crisis by transferring to Iran sanctions that were meant with respect to the nuclear agreement itself.”

After Obama and Kerry expressed their opinions Joe Biden also expressed his, blasting Trump for deciding to leave the Iran deal. He said it was a good deal that took years to negotiate, and Trump did not have any better plan to stifle Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“Talk of a ‘better deal’ is an illusion,” Biden said in a statement. “It took years of sanctions pressure, painstaking diplomacy, and the full support of the international community to achieve that goal. We have none of that in place today.”

“All it will likely accomplish is to put Iran back on the path to a nuclear weapon with no clear diplomatic way out,” Biden said, warning that the U.S. is now on a “collision course not only with an adversary but also with our closest partners.”

Leaders from throughout the world had also urged President Trump to not do what he did.  Trump, however, seems concerned only about how his actions will play on Fox News.  He doesn’t seem concerned about the opinions of world leaders or even of the majority of the American people.

What Trump is doing is a dangerous gamble, and he is risking the lives of others, not his own.  This is the sign of a true narcissist who should not be making foreign policy for the most powerful nation on earth.

Kudos to Obama, Biden and Kerry for speaking out against what Donald Trump has done, and let’s hope that their words will make a difference, if not now then in the long run.