Reporters Hammer Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Trump And Cohen’s Swamp

Sarah Huckabee Sanders had no answers as reporters asked her about Michael Cohen’s swampy behavior and the president who promised to drain the swamp.



Q: Sarah, do you believe that Michael Cohen was ever in any way qualified to buy insights into this administration?

Huckabee Sanders: I’m not going to get into somebody else’s qualifications. That’s something an independent company that hires an individual would have to make that determination, not me.

Q: Let me ask you this, because we know that Michael Cohen received millions of dollars apparently pedaling the insights he said he could provide into this administration, to America’s largest corporations. Is the president in any way embarrassed or ashamed of that? Because it seems to be the definition of swampy behavior.

Huckabee Sanders: I think that would be up to those individuals who make the decision to hire someone. Just the same way that the companies that you work for make the decision to determine whether or not they think that you’re qualified to serve in a position. That’s the decision of an independent company and has nothing to do with the White House.

Embarrassment and shame are not in the DNA of the Trump administration, but the interesting point is that even the White House press corps has caught on to the fact that the candidate who ran on draining the swamp is actually building a bigger swamp to enrich himself and his circle with. The corrupt behavior of those in Trump’s orbit starts with the man himself, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders had no real answer except to say something similar to, ‘I’m not the swamp. You’re the swamp to reporters who asked.’

The lack of ethics in this administration is unprecedented. Contrary to what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, the crime isn’t in the offering of money, but in taking it.

The Trump swamp is so obvious that even the White House reporters can see it.

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