Former Bush Ethics Lawyer Says Mueller May Soon Have Compromising Info On Pence

Former Bush ethics lawyer, and current Democratic US Senate candidate in Minnesota, Richard Painter said that Vice President Pence wants the Mueller investigation shut down because the Special Counsel could keep digging and find compromising information on Pence.


Painter said on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber, “He’s got an interest in this, and of course, he’d like it to stop now. Bob Mueller’s already uncovered enough evidence almost certainly to jeopardize Donald Trump’s presidency particularly when it’s publicly disclosed that information and that might put Mike Pence in the White House. This investigation keeps going a little bit further; Bob Mueller may uncover information that’s very compromising about Mike Pence as well. So, of course, he would like it to stop now. He’s eyeing the Oval Office, but that’s not the way it works. This investigation is going to go at the pace that Robert Mueller determines is appropriate, and the United States House and Senate should be having investigations too in their judiciary committees. That’s what they were doing in 1973-1974 with less evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors than we have going on now, but the House and Senate are not doing anything, so at that point, the Mueller investigation is only game in town.”

Mike Pence isn’t an objective observer. He’s got an interest in closing the investigation down. Pence was more than Trump’s running mate. He ran the transition that allowed Mike Flynn to be named national security adviser. There are a lot of reasons to believe that Pence is not clean in the Russia scandal. First, and foremost, Mike Pence has consistently lied when he has spoken about the Russia investigation and Mike Flynn. Pence has played Trump’s stooge with the payoff being that Trump was his ticket to the Oval Office. If Trump goes down, Pence can kiss his future goodbye. Since Trump keeps such a small group of people around him, it is probably that Pence is also involved in the Russia scandal.

If Mike Pence wants to be president, he needs to get rid of the Special Counsel before Robert Mueller gets rid of him.

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