Giuliani Admits That Robert Mueller Might Have Trump’s Tax Returns

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported on a conversation that she had with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani where he admitted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller might already have Trump’s tax returns.


Wallace reported on her show, Deadline: White House, “We spoke to the mayor for about 20 minutes. He told us that Bob Mueller is the very same man he first met when they worked together after 9/11. Giuliani was the mayor of New York City. Mueller the FBI director. But he thinks deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein who appointed him as special counsel, quote, put him in that position when I asked him what position, he said, quote, to steam roll the president. He also told us that he doesn’t know if Bob Mueller has the president’s tax returns and what they would tell an investigator about the president’s ties to Russia.”

Trump’s tax returns won’t be hidden for much longer

Prosecutors have long suggested that one of the first things that Mueller’s team would have done is get Trump’s tax returns. The odds are that Mueller already has Trump’s tax returns. The fact that Giuliani doesn’t know for sure if Mueller has them is an example of how in the dark Trump and the White House are about the investigation. Rudy Giuliani is in way over his head and seems to be suffering from the delusion that his primary duty is to protect Trump from a campaign finance law violation.

If Mueller has Trump’s tax returns, they will factor into his report, and the Mueller report will definitely be released by the House or Senate if Democrats control either or both after the midterm election. Mueller holds all of the cards and one of Trump’s most closely held secrets may be revealed when he issues his report at the conclusion of the investigation.

Giuliani’s lack of knowledge about what Mueller has does not bode well for Donald Trump.

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