Michael Avenatti Promises To Get To The Bottom Of The Trump Swamp If Mueller Doesn’t

Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti promised on Wednesday that if Robert Mueller doesn’t get to the bottom of the Donald Trump-Michael Cohen swamp, then he will.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Avenatti said that there is a slew of unanswered questions surrounding payments made to Cohen’s slush fund – and he intends to answer them.


Avenatti said:

[Cohen] was not hired to do any of these things. It’s all a bunch of nonsense. It’s BS. He was hired for one reason and one reason only. And that was he was selling access to the highest office in the land at best that’s what he was doing. At best. And ultimately, Robert Mueller or myself or someone else will get to the bottom of exactly what he was selling and perhaps more importantly, Rachel, where did all of this money go? Did all of it go only to Michael Cohen? Did some of it go to the Trump organization? Did some of it make its way to the president? I mean, that’s really in my view right now where we are, because we have confirmation of millions of dollars in payments.

The Trump-Cohen house of cards is collapsing

Michael Avenatti and Robert Mueller are hitting Donald Trump and Michael Cohen from two different angles.

Avenatti has waged all-out war in a public and relentless way against the president and his lawyer, while Mueller continues to run his thorough investigation behind the scenes.

What the last 24 hours have shown, however, is that the two scandals – Stormy Daniels and the Russian collusion investigation – appear to run on similar tracks.

The Stormy Daniels case could, after all, be the key that opens the door not just to collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign, but it also appears to be in the process of exposing a major pay-to-play scheme.

In any event, it appears that the Trump-Cohen house of cards is on the verge of collapsing in a major way.