Mike Pence Shows That He Is Going Down With Trump For Russia

Vice President Mike Pence waded right into the middle of the Russia scandal by calling for an end to the Mueller investigation, which highlighted how deep Pence is in on the Russia scandal with Trump.

Video of Pence on Andrea Mitchell Reports:


Mitchell: You knew him. He’s a marine. He’s a lifelong Republican. Do you think he can be trusted? Do you think he’s a bad guy?

Pence: Our administration has been fully cooperating —

Mitchell: Do you think the investigation is a hoax?

Pence: We’ll continue to. What I think is it’s been about a year since this investigation our administration has provided over a million documents. We fully cooperated with it. In the interest of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up. I would very respectfully encourage to special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion because days like this —

Mitchell: Without an interview with the president?

Pence: Think about this today.

Mitchell: How does he wrap it up without knowing what the president thinks?

Pence: We’ll leave all that to the process that’s under way. We’ll continue to fully cooperate with the special counsel as we have. I think the reason we’re making the progress we’re making in our economy, three million new jobs, historic tax cuts and regulatory reform, progress on the world stage that’s resulting in an amazing day like today is because while frankly — many in media tend to focus on these — with all due respect the American people are focused on prosperity and what’s what I want to keep our focus.

What is often overlooked when the media talks about the Russia scandal is that Mike Pence is in the middle of a lot of connecting threads. Whether it is Mike Flynn or events during the transition that Pence was in charge of, the Vice President is a central figure in the Russia/Trump relationship.
Pence has repeatedly lied about the Russia scandal. Pence has been looked at by some Republicans as a party savior if Trump gets removed from office, but if Trump goes down, Pence is going with him.

Mike Pence is not clean, and his call to end the Mueller investigation shows that the Vice President has as much to lose from the truth being revealed about Russia as Trump.

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