Trump Tries To Save His Presidency By Promising World Peace At N. Korea Summit

Trump announced on Twitter that his summit with N. Korea would happen in Singapore on June 12, and he said that they would try to make it a special moment for world peace.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is pulling out of that old presidential playbook that when things are bad at home a president tries to turn the nation’s attention overseas. Trump is trying to use the North Korea show to save his presidency. The Trump presidency is suffocating under the weight of a massive number of scandals. The Stormy Daniels and Russia investigations being the top two, but his administration is loaded to the gills with corruption. He has signed one major piece of legislation that is unpopular with voters, and Trump is going to try to turn the ship around by going to Singapore and hanging out with Kim Jong-un.

The Trump White House has been getting played by the North Koreans from day one, and Trump only makes things works when he shows appreciation to the regime for releasing Americans that never should have been detained in the first place.

Trump has hinted at another promise, world peace, that he has zero chance of delivering.

The hyperbole is absurd, but it demonstrates how far Trump is will to go to save a presidency that may already be dead.