Malcolm Nance Explodes On Trump For His White House Mocking John McCain

Malcolm Nance expressed his disgust at the White House mocking dying John McCain. Nance pointed out that the lack of decency and respect shown in those comments come straight from the top and Trump.


Nance said, “Well, I can’t understand why he would take the high road about that. Maintaining the dignity and the honor of serving in the United States Armed Forces, in particular, the United States Navy where I served is something that he should — he should crow about proud and loud every day. But he has chosen to hold his fire and to keep his powder dry. But let me tell you something. I’ve met John McCain, I’m an old Navy chief petty officer, and he told me everything he ever learned came from a Navy chief. And it’s my job to recalibrate people up and down the chain of command when they have a problem. And on this particular subject, I’m going to speak for him as a this is disgraceful the way people have spoken about him. I taught at the Navy Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape School. I’ve met Admiral Stockdale the senior ranking officer of the Hanoi Hilton numerous times, Doug Hegdahl, the senior adviser who is the young man who memorized the name of every person in the Hanoi Hilton to the tune of Old McDonald. I met him every day for five years, and they loved John McCain. He served with honor. He returned with honor. He kept the faith. And anyone that says anything about his career is a disgrace. They are disgusting. And I’m sorry, we are having a crisis of honor here, and those comments from that woman in the White House obviously come from the president. And general Kelly needs to recalibrate that.”

The White House can’t figure out why they are so unpopular when the economic numbers look good on the surface. Trump blames the media, but the real reason why this administration is likely to be run out of office in 2020 is behavior such as mocking the dying John McCain. Nance was correct. We have a crisis of honor and decency in this country, and it will not be brought to an end until Donald Trump and his corrupt band of classless cronies are sent packing.

It is impossible to imagine a Bush, Obama, Clinton, or Reagan White House making such disgusting comments. The issue is not one of left versus right. It is about the basic behavior that all Americans should expect from their White House.

Every American should be disgusted, and understand that this attitude comes straight from the man in the Oval Office.