Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Is Too Busy To Do Mueller Interview

Rudy Giuliani’s latest excuse for why Donald Trump can’t be interviewed by Robert Mueller is that Trump is too busy to sit down with the Special Counsel.

Giuliani told the AP, “Several things delayed us, with the primary one being the whole situation with North Korea. The president has been very busy. It really would be pretty close to impossible to spend the amount of time on it we would need…The president would probably like the resolution. If we were convinced it would speed up the process, we may do it. If we believed they would go into it honestly and with an open mind, we would be inclined to do it. But right now, we’re not there.”

Trump is too busy for Mueller means Trump is scared of Mueller

The idea that a president who spends most of his days watching Fox News and tweeting is too busy to sit down and talk to the Special Counsel about the investigation that is a lingering dark cloud over his presidency is laughable. Too busy and Trump are words that have not been used together since this president took office. Trump isn’t too busy. The North Korea photo-op is more than a month away. If Trump were innocent and wanted to get this matter resolved, he would have sat down with the Special Counsel already.

The excuses for why Trump keeps dodging Mueller are getting weaker by the moment. After the too busy excuse fails, expect Giuliani to tell the special counsel that Trump would be happy to meet with him, but he is washing his hair that day.

Trump isn’t too busy to meet with Mueller. He is terrified to talk to the Special Counsel. Mueller isn’t going to let him submit written answers or any of the other zany conditions that the White House wants. If Trump is too busy for an interview, Mueller should go ahead and issue the subpoena.

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