Wearing Prison Stripes, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Refuses To Condemn White House Mocking of McCain

When the White House goes low, Sarah Huckabee Sanders goes lower, as she has refused to condemn a White House staffer’s mocking of dying Sen. John McCain.



Q: We have heard a lot about white house aide Kelly Sadler and her comments about Senator McCain reportedly saying in a meeting the president shouldn’t worry about the senator’s opposition to the nomination of Haspel because he is dying away. Megan McCain wondered allowed today why the aide still has a job at the white house. Does she still have a job?

Sanders: I’m not going to comment on an internal staffer meeting.

Q: Does the White House not think you need to condemn these remarks or —

Sanders: I’m not going to validate a leak one way or the other out of an internal staff meeting.

Q: Are you saying she didn’t say this?

Sanders: Again I’m not going to validate a leak out of an internal staff meeting one way or the other.

Q: Does the president regret what he said during the campaign about John McCain when he said he wasn’t a war hero, he prefers people that weren’t captured?

Sanders: I believe the president has spoken about that. I haven’t talked with him specifically about that. Jeff.

Q: If you won’t comment on the specific comment, what does the White House believe about Senator McCain? Is there a tone set from the top here where it is allowed for an aide to say he’s dying anyway?

Sanders: There is not a tone set here. We have respect for all Americans. And that is what we try to put forward in everything we do, both in word and action, focusing on doing things that help every American in this country every single day. I think if you look at the policies we have put forth you will see that reflected.

Q: Why not apologize to Senator McCain?

Sanders: I am not going going to get into a back and forth because people want to create issues of leaked staff meetings.

To summarize, Sarah Huckabee Sanders previewed the spring collection of prison ware for people who work in the Trump administration, and the White House sees nothing wrong with mocking a dying US Senator war hero. Their problem is that the mocking was leaked to the press.

The lack of values and character start at the top in this administration. Trump has set the tone, which is why the small-time criminal enterprise that is currently occupying the White House needs to be tossed to the curb.

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