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Treasonous Mole Devin Nunes Is Collecting Government Secrets To Use Against Mueller

Officials at the Department of Justice are warning that House Intelligence Committee chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), is abusing the power of his position to collect government secrets that he can weaponize and use against Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The New York Times reported, “But increasingly, top officials at the Justice Department have privately expressed concern that the lawmakers are simply mining government secrets for information they can weaponize against those investigating the president, including the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. Mr. Nunes was unconvinced by the warnings about the intelligence and law enforcement source, first issuing a subpoena ordering that the Justice Department comply with his latest records request and then a pointed threat to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions — who is not involved in the case — in contempt of Congress.”

Nunes has been Trump’s stooge in the House from day one. The chairman of Intelligence Committee has abused his investigative authority to first derail the Russia investigation in the House, and now he has moved on to trying amass information that could be used as a justification for firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Nunes isn’t looking for information to use to discredit the Special Counsel report.

Rep. Nunes is first trying to get information on the progress of the investigation, which he will turn over to Trump, and then he is looking for anything that could give Trump a basis for firing Mueller.

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Devin Nunes is the mole that is trying to destroy the Russia investigations from within. His abuse of power alone has made him worthy of an investigation, but it is his decision to put Trump and Russia ahead of the United States that is a treasonous crime against his own country.

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