Trump Ignores Melania In His Lifeless Mother’s Day Address

Leave it to Donald Trump to screw up what should be one of the easiest weekly addresses of his presidency.

In his Mother’s Day speech, which he lifelessly read off a teleprompter, the president forgot to mention the most important mother currently in his life: Melania Trump, mom of their son Barron.

Video of the full address:

It should also be noted that Trump decided to spend this year’s Mother’s Day – you guessed it – on the golf course.

Not the first time Trump forgot Melania

Of course, Trump’s neglect of his wife on Mother’s Day should come as no surprise to folks who’ve been paying attention. The president has repeatedly either forgotten or chose to pretend he didn’t have a wife.

In his Fox & Friends meltdown last month, when the three bumbling hosts asked Trump what he got his wife for her birthday, he essentially said, “Nothing.

In 2006, when Trump was having an affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who now threatens to bring down his presidency, he clearly didn’t remember his wife – even though she just gave birth to their son Barron.

Again and again, Donald Trump has treated his wife as an afterthought. No matter what day it is, he is a man who simply cannot see outside of himself.