Democrats Hammer Trump Over Gas Prices As Blue Wave Builds

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hit Trump for the spike in gas prices that are already taking a bite out of the wallets of every American before the summer holidays.


Schumer said:

Few things matter more to the average consumer than the price of a gallon of gasoline. When gas prices go through the roof, it eats away at a family’s income, leaving less to cover the cost of everything else: groceries, medicine, tuition, summer vacation.

Recent data suggests that gas prices are about to spike this summer, the result of actions (and inactions) of the Trump administration. As gas prices head towards $3 a gallon, the US Energy Information Administration estimates the average American family can expect to pay $200 more this summer’s driving season than last.

Part of the reason is that President Trump triggered greater uncertainty and increased instability into the Middle East when he pulled out of the Iran Deal, and is about to levy additional sanctions on the oil-producing nation. Another part of the reason is that OPEC has decided to cut oil production. President Trump has tweeted that OPEC’s decision “will not be accepted.” We’re waiting and seeing for some action that will help America’s motorists.

Trump and Republicans are to blame for rising gas prices

There is a lot of talk in the media about how the economy is booming. However, for hard-working Americans who are dealing with flat wages, rising healthcare costs, and rising prices, the Trump economy doesn’t feel like a boom. The Trump tax cuts aren’t helping, and Republicans are teetering on the brink of a blue wave. Gas prices are something that impacts every voter. They are powerful, yet under-discussed issue.

The blue wave is coming, and in his remarks, Schumer signaled that Democrats are going to use the rising gas prices to hammer Trump and the Republican majority in Congress. Democrats are about to tell voters that Republicans and Trump don’t care about their problems. This unchecked president is making their lives worse, and only a blue wave in November can begin to set things right.

People don’t feel prosperous, which is why making an issue out of gas prices could be a real winner for Democrats from sea to shining sea.

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