Paranoid Trump Blows A Gasket Over Truth Telling White House Leakers

Trump is blowing a gasket because White House staff are trying to save themselves by leaking to the press. The problem is that the leakers are telling the truth.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump’s wife is in the hospital right now recovering from surgery, so the president is ranting on Twitter and showing where his priorities really are. Trump is also flipping out about leakers while thousands of Palestinians have been killed or injured by Israeli bullets due to protests over his relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem. Donald Trump is worried about leakers because the leakers are the people who are telling the truth about his White House and the people in it.

When Trump calls anything fake or so-called, that is proof that it is real.

There are real problems in the world that this president should be dealing with. Instead, he is paranoid and obsessed with making sure that the truth never slips out to the public. Trump has lived a life of secrets and lies, but the harsh light of the presidency is exposing Trump and all of the low character people who would work for him.