Adam Schiff Declares Trump Broke The Law With $500 Million Illegal Chinese Kickback

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said that Trump committed a certain Emoluments Clause violating by accepting $500 million from China while offering to help sanctioned Chinese telecom ZTE.


Schiff was asked on CNN’s New Day, “Do you see this as a violation of the Emoluments Clause?

The California Congressman answered, “I certainly view this as a violation of the Emoluments Clause, yes, and many others as well, both foreign in terms of the business effort to expand the Trump Organization but also domestically by — this may not be a constitutional violation but it’s an ethical violation by the constant milking of the federal government when the president requires the federal government to patronize Trump-related businesses. The federal government has spent over $150,000 just the Secret Service alone for the privilege of renting Donald Trump golf carts to protect Donald Trump on his rounds. That’s obscene. And that should never be permitted. It should never be permitted and that there’s even a question about whether this foreign transaction is driving U.S. Policy and this is exactly what the clause is designed to prevent.”

The $500 million from China to Trump was clearly a payoff

When reporters tried to ask the White House about Trump violating the Emoluments Clause, they had no answer and tried to use the circular dodge of referring the question to the Trump Organization, but since Trump never divested himself from his business when he took office, the President is the Trump Organization. A violation of the Emoluments Clause is an impeachable offense. It is also worthy of investigation as part of any Congressional probe into White House corruption.

Schiff was right. Trump violated the Constitution, which is the law of the land.

If Democrats take back the House in November, they will be in a position to put an end to the Trump crime wave and possibly the Trump presidency itself.

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