Rachel Maddow Just Blew The Lid Off Of A Bribery Ring That Could Destroy Trump and His Family

Rachel Maddow exposed how the nation of Qatar is bribing former members of Trump’s White House and current members of Trump family in a matter that is so corrupt it could destroy every that is associated with Trump.


Maddow said, “In this story, we have a Qatari government official who really was in control of a huge pot of Qatari government money. He has now accused of bragging that he used Qatari money to bribe Mike Flynn and is accused of offering to use more qatari money to bribe/fund Steve Bannon and, it turns out, believe it or not, whatever you think of the veracity of the allegations the dude was at trump tower during the transition and confirms and admits he was there during the transition to meet with trump transition officials plus Michael Cohen who was not a Trump transition official or a Trump campaign official but whose financial life is being held up by the ankles and shaken by a federal investigation led by prosecutors in the southern district of New York. Qatar was also, as you will recall, approached by Jared Kushner’s family about funding their real estate company after Jared Kushner was working at the white house. Qatar is famously electing not to hand over information to the Robert Mueller investigation. As the investigation clearly tries to follow the money. So there you have it. Three on three pro basketball of all things is part of the scene and the cast of characters here. And eventually, somebody will have to explain why the teeny, teeny, tiny very rich nation of Qatar keeps turning up in the middle of all these shady Trump storylines.”

Rachel Maddow connected the players in the Russia scandal to bribery

The cast of characters is very similar, but the Qatar bribery scandal is not the Russia scandal. If these allegations are true, they reveal a level of corruption that is so toxic that it will never have been seen before in American politics. The Russia scandal is complicated. It has moving parts and a lot to digest. Bribery, on the other hand, is easy to follow. The country pays the bribe to Trump White House, and Trump takes favorable action. The scenario is already under scrutiny after Trump’s $500 million kickback from China.

Rachel Maddow was talking about the sort of crimes that are bigger than impeachment. Bribery is a crime that gets people removed from office or their job and thrown in federal prison. Bribery could cost the entire Trump family everything, and it is bribery that capable of destroying Donald Trump.

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