Trump’s Got A Big New Stormy Daniels Legal Problem As He Finally Admits Cohen Payment

Trump finally admitted that he paid Michael Cohen back for the Stormy Daniels payment. The problem is that according to experts, he should have disclosed the payment last year.

Read Trump’s financial disclosure report here:

Trump, Donald J. 2018Annual278

At the bottom of page 45, there is this small note:

Trump admitted the payment, but he also tried to stick to his timeline which would allow him to claim that he didn’t know about the payment to Daniels before the election. The Office Of Government Ethics responded by sending a letter to the Justice Department notifying them that the payment should have been disclosed in the prior year.

Trump lied on his financial disclosure form and got caught

Trump’s lie is more fuel for the legal cases that are building against this president. Trump is still engaging in fraud by lying about the timeline of the repayment. The president is lying because if he tells the truth, which seems impossible for Trump, it will open the door to charges that he and Cohen committed a campaign finance violation and conspired to launder the Daniels payment shortly before the 2016 election.

Donald Trump’s decades of lies are collapsing under their own weight, as Stormy Daniels has become the legal nightmare that won’t end for this White House. A storm is getting closer and may be enough to sweep Trump out of the Oval Office.

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