Official Who Wrote The Special Counsel Rules Says Mueller Can Indict Trump

The former Justice Department official who wrote the special counsel rules that Robert Mueller can indict Trump, as long as Rod Rosenstein sign off on it.


Neal Katyal told MSNBC’s Ari Melber, “I think the first thing to point out is that we — just consider how low the president’s bar is here, what he’s saying. We’ve gone from, Russia, what’s Russia? Or stormy Daniels, who’s that? What’s the $130,000? To, oh, you can’t indict me, I have a get out of jail free card. And that’s a remarkable thing. We’re talking about the president of the United States saying that. There’s a large number of reasons to be suspect about what Mr. Giuliani has said, apart from the fact that details and facts aren’t exactly his strong the story just seems very incomplete, because the special counsel rules, as you just said, Ari, do absolutely permit Mueller to indict the president, but he has to seek the permission of the acting attorney general Rod Rosenstein.”

Mueller can indict Trump

Trump doesn’t have the get out of jail free card that he thought he had. If Mueller wants to indict Trump, all he needs is for Rod Rosenstein to sign off on it. An indictment of Trump, whether or not it held up in court later, would be the death of his presidency. No one is one hundred percent sure whether or not a president can be indicted because it has not been tested yet. Mueller may not want his Russia investigation to be the test case for presidential indictments, but for anyone to assume that it is an open and shut argument over whether or not a president can or can’t be indicted would not be accurate.

According to the person who wrote the Special Counsel rules, Mueller can indict Trump, and it is only a matter of time and Trump corruption before this theory is tested.

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