Paul Ryan Goes All In On Treason By Calling For An End To Mueller Probe

Speaker of the House, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), went all in on treason by agreeing with Vice President Mike Pence that the Mueller investigation should wrap up and end.


When asked about Pence’s comments on the Mueller investigation, Ryan said, “I think he should be free to do his job, but I would like to see it get wrapped up, of course,” Ryan responded. “I mean, we want to see this thing come to its conclusion, but again, I’ve always said he should be free to finish his job.”

Ryan later speculated that the investigation would be ending soon, “It’s been a year, my guess is he’s probably coming to a conclusion. I can’t speak for that. You’d have to ask them that.”

Speaker Ryan already promised that he would not allow a vote in the House on a bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

As the blue wave is rising, the Republican Party line has become an effort to pressure Mueller to wrap up his investigation before Election Day. Ryan on one of Trump’s best boys, so of course, he is going to put covering up potential presidential crimes ahead of doing what is best for the country.

House and Senate Republicans have made themselves accomplices to Trump’s crimes, and their unwillingness to protect America should leave them open to potential investigation and prosecution.

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