Giuliani Calls CNN Host Unfair For Playing An Old Video

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani exploded at CNN host Chris Cuomo on Friday for showing on TV an old video clip of the former New York City mayor saying that presidents are required by law to comply with subpoenas.

And of course Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti immediately posted about the embarrassing incident on Twitter:

“This is getting too easy. What an absolute train wreck this guy is. EVERY time!!! #Embarrassment #TimeForPasture #DazedConfused #Basta”

“Unfair!’ Rudy Giuliani explodes when CNN’s Cuomo plays clip of him saying presidents must obey subpoenas  via rawstory”

During the Cuomo interview, Giuliani said that  in the 1990s, he was of the opinion that former President Bill Clinton could not legally ignore subpoenas. The case being discussed was a true Republican witch hunt called the Whitewater probe.

But on CNN today Giuliani changed his tune, claiming that he would never have argued that a sitting president must comply with a subpoena from a special counsel requesting that he testify under oath.

Cuomo played a video clip of Giuliani being interviewed by Charlie Rose when Clinton was president.  Rose clearly asked him whether Clinton — the sitting president — must obey a subpoena to testify,  and Giuliani said his opinion was that the president would be required to honor the subpoena and testify under oath.

After seeing the video Giuliani began shouting at Cuomo, accusing him of being “unfair” by playing clips of an interview that was over 20 years old.

“That’s really unfair!” Giuliani fumed. “That’s extremely unfair what you’re doing right now! This is the reason people don’t come on this show!”

Trump’s TV attorney then launched into a tirade against the CNN host, saying that he  regularly invited “ambulance chaser” Michael Avenatti to appear as a guest on his show.  The unflappable Cuomo then calmly replied, “What does that have to do with this?”

Which is a great question.  Like Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani is a master of deflection and changing the subject in order to try to obtain a political or legal advantage.  Unfortunately, Giuliani’s rambling interviews and tirades on television are not doing himself or Trump any good.  Certainly Bob Mueller does not take Rudy Giuliani seriously, and probably ignores everything he says.

For his part, Avenatti later posted a tweet directly aimed at Giuliani:

“Dear Dazed Rudy: Please retire. Today. You had a good run for many years. But you are distracting from that and quickly becoming an embarrassment. A never ending joke. Don’t let this serve as your legacy. The time has come.”

This is some good advice, not only for Rudy but also for his client Donald Trump.  American would be better off if both of these 70-something has-beens permanently retired to the golf course so America can move on to take care of business and heal the open wounds caused by this dynamic duo of dystopia.

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