Rep. Ted Lieu Rips Ted Cruz For Taking NRA Money But Only Offering Santa Fe Thoughts and Prayers

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) responded to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) offering “thoughts and prayers” to the Santa Fe High School shooting victims while taking money from the NRA.

Cruz tweeted:

Lieu responded:

Rep. Lieu was right. There is nothing wrong with offering thoughts and prayers. The problem is that is all Republicans offer. When Sen. Cruz offers thoughts and prayers and then votes against protecting students with common sense gun legislation, he is supporting more harm coming to students while pretending to care. If Republicans aren’t going to do more, their thoughts and prayers are a cover for their willingness to do nothing.

Thoughts and prayers are fine, but they aren’t policy. Thoughts and prayers don’t keep guns out of the hands of shooters. Thoughts and prayers don’t protect kids when the bullets start flying. America needs Senators who will vote to protect kids in schools. Ted Cruz isn’t that Senator. The only way that the violence is going to be stopped is if Senators like Ted Cruz either put the lives of children ahead of the NRA or get voted out of office.

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