Trump’s Response To Santa Fe, TX School Shooting Was Disgusting


Trump showed his intention to do nothing as more students died at school today, by putting out a weak and pathetic tweet in response to the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas saying only that the shooting doesn’t look good.

Trump tweeted:


CNN is reporting multiple fatalities at Santa Fe High School:

America needs a president, not a cable news watching tweeter

Trump’s tweet wasn’t a presidential statement. It was a reaction to what he was watching on cable news. Instead of leading the nation as children die in their own schools, Trump is plopped down in front of his television, watching the news coverage, and commenting on it. This is not presidential leadership. The Executive Branch of the United States government has been abandoned and replaced by a graft machine that is only interesting in skimming as much money off of the top of the treasury before they get caught.

Of course, the shooting doesn’t “look good.” Children are dead, and their blood is on the hands of Donald Trump and every other lawmaker who keep their heads in the sand while accepting checks from the NRA.

Trump is supposed to be the president, but instead, America is facing a crisis and stuck with a passive cable news junkie who would rather be playing golf.

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