Adam Schiff Rocks Trump’s World By Saying Don Jr. Might Be A Mueller Target

On Meet The Press, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that one of the two possible reasons that Mueller has not interviewed Donald Trump Jr. is that he is a target of the investigation.



Chuck Todd: I asked Mr. Stone if he was preparing to be indicted and he said he was prepared if that is what came. He wasn’t saying whether he expected it soon. You’re a former prosecutor. It was interesting to us, there were four people involved in this investigation that have not been interviewed by Bob Mueller. Michael Cohen, Brad Parscale, the campaign manager for 2020, by the way, Roger Stone and the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. As a former prosecutor why would special counsel Bob Mueller, someone who did not interview somebody even though they appear to be so important to an investigation. Explain why that would be the case?

Rep. Adam Schiff: It could be one of two reasons. It could be that they’re saving the interviews, like the interview with the president for last after they’ve done the groundwork. It makes sense to find out all you can before you bring in certain key witnesses or it could be that they’re a target of the investigation. It is not something that you can breathe easy about that you haven’t been called in. Sometimes that might indicate that you might be the target of the investigation and more likely to be charged than interviewed and it could be either of those possibilities.

There are only two potential possibilities here for Trump and his family, and they are both very bad. Either Don Jr., Trump’s lawyer, and his 2020 campaign manager are key witnesses who are going to be called to testify later, or they are targets who are going to be indicted. Either way, Trump’s Russia nightmare is about to get worse, and that is not even considering what will happen in Democrats win back the House in a little more than five months. If Democrats win back the House, Adam Schiff will be in charge of the Russia investigation, and the whole landscape changes in the blink of an eye.

Trump is already flipping out, and Adam Schiff provided a bit of insight into why.

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