Trump Says Anyone Who Supports Mueller Is Not A Real American

During his Sunday madness tweet storm over the Russia investigation, Trump claimed that anyone who supports the Russia investigation is not a real American.

Trump tweeted:

Blink and you might miss it among the pile of lies and conspiracy theories that Trump tweeted, but read his reference to Americans who support him as being real Americans, which implies that anyone who wants a good, clean, Russia-free, non-corrupt government is un-American. Down is up when it comes to Trump. Keeping foreign countries from interfering in US elections, and prosecuting Americans who illegally cooperate with them is considered an unpatriotic act by this president.

According to Trump if you want to be a real flag-waving red, white, and blue American, ignore the Russia investigation and blindly support the president.

Trump thinks that he is America, and he is demanding your unquestioningly blind worship.

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