As Trump Is Being Impeached, Barack And Michelle Obama Will Be Winning Emmys After Signing Netflix Deal


Former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a deal with Netflix to produce movies and television shows, which means that as the Obamas are winning Emmys, Trump will be dealing with impeachment.

Netflix US tweeted:


As Trump’s life goes to crap, things keep getting better and better for the Obamas. Barack and Michelle Obama have a level of popularity in the country that Trump can only dream off, and while the D-list reality television star turned endangered president has complained for years over not winning an Emmy for The Apprentice, the Obamas are likely to pick up a few trophies for their work as the former president and first lady will most definitely be producing content that is both high quality and reflects their ethics and values.

It is very easy to see a scenario where a Democratic House is preparing articles of impeachment against Trump, while the Obamas are blazing new trails and getting accolades for their Netflix projects. The irony is delicious, as Barack and Michelle Obama will continue to have a cultural impact on American society while Trump will be lucky to avoid removal from office and federal prison.

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