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Trump Knew Last Year That The FBI Was Investigating His Campaign For Illegal Middle Eastern Election Interference

Trump’s distraction games shouldn’t fool anyone as the real story isn’t a “spy” but the fact that Trump was informed last year that the FBI was looking into election interference in his campaign by other countries besides Russia.


Julia Ainsley of NBC News said on MSNBC:

I was thinking about it, the last time that Rod Rosenstein was called in this that kind of situation is when the president was also angry about him earlier for the fact that Cohen’s offices had been raided. I mean it seems that when the president is angry at anything going on in this investigation, he does one thing first — he tweets about it, then he takes it out on rod Rosenstein. That, of course, is because Rod Rosenstein has purview over Bob Mueller. So when he sees this going into places he doesn’t like, he reacts and takes it out on Rosenstein, someone he had call into his office. He cannot call Mueller into the Oval Office and yell at him.

One thing he also might be angry about is what you were just talking about, the news over the weekend about the emirates meeting with Donald Trump Jr. During the campaign. This could almost be a distraction for that and he wants to focus on the issue of this informant. One thing that we reported in December, Katy, at NBC news is that Trump knew that the FBI was interested in foreign influence in his campaign. Not just from Russians, but from other countries, as well. He was briefed and warned, is what we were told. So it couldn’t be a huge surprise to him that the FBI would be taking measures to make sure that his campaign was free of foreign influence. There’s really a way to even see this as a protective measure, that they wanted to make sure that it was not Trump himself and that people around him were not working to undermine American interests. So you have a lot of this misplaced anger right now coming from the president. That’s undoubtedly going to be taken out on the deputy attorney general in this meeting today.

Trump’s outrage is fake

Trump has known since last year that the FBI was looking into other countries who might have interfered with the election through the Trump campaign, so his outrage and demands for an investigation are about creating a distraction so that people aren’t talking about Don Jr.’s meeting with an emissary for two Middle Eastern princes who offered to illegally interfere in the 2016 election to help Trump.

Trump can’t survive scrutiny on his own. He is still trying to find something to take the Russia/election interference scandals attention off of him.

Donald Trump knew what was going on last year, so his outrage over “spies” in his campaign is another empty bid to distract the country’s attention away from his potential crimes.

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