Michael Cohen Is In A ‘World Of Hurt’ And It’s On The Verge Of Toppling Trump

Stormy Daniel’s lawyer and Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, Michael Avenatti, said on Tuesday that Michael Cohen is in a “world of hurt,” and it will ultimately put the president at risk.

Avenatti was responding to the news that one of Cohen’s associates has flipped on him, making it more likely that he will face federal and state charges – charges, as Jason Easley pointed out, that not even a presidential pardon can help him escape.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Avenatti said all of this pressure has convinced him that Michael Cohen will ultimately flip on Trump.


Avenatti said:

I think there’s going to be significant charges that will be brought on the federal level and significant charges that could be brought on the state level against Michael Cohen. I’ve said it before, maybe I haven’t been clear enough, Michael Cohen is going to be in a world of hurt in a very short period of time. He’s going to have very few options, and that’s why I’ve said repeatedly that I think, ultimately, he’s going to flip on the President of the United States. 

Michael Cohen will flip on Trump

It has long been the conventional wisdom that Michael Cohen would protect Donald Trump with his life. But as his legal troubles mount and Cohen looks to protect himself and his family, the odds are increasing that he will run for the hills and cooperate with Robert Mueller.

That spells trouble for the President of the United States – because the worse things get for Cohen, the worse they get for Donald Trump.

And, of course, Tuesday’s reporting that another witness is cooperating in this investigation is just another indication that things are getting pretty bad for Michael Cohen.

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