The Taxi King Flipped On Michael Cohen And Donald Trump Can’t Save Him

Michael Cohen has big problems that Trump can’t save him from after his business partner flipped on him.


Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber, “It’s an important development, and that is that, while Mr. Cohen may believe that he has the ultimate get out of the jail free card in the way of a pardon from someone that he believes is a close friend, though I have serious questions ultimately as to whether there would be any loyalty there, but namely Mr. Trump, I think Mr. Cohen believes that’s his ultimate get out of the jail free card. I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I think if he ultimately relies on that, he’ll be very sorry, and I don’t think he will rely on that.”

Cohen has two problems. Trump can’t save him from state charges, and he might have nothing to offer federal investigators if the feds believe that they can’t charge a sitting president. The flip of Cohen’s business partner, Evgeny Freidman, is straight out of the prosecutor playbook. Cohen’s associates are all being rolled up on as evidence is being collected. Michael Cohen is about to face the choice of spending his life in prison or spilling the secrets of Trump.

If Michael Cohen chooses Trump, he deserves prison.

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