A Group Of Treasonous House Republicans Just Moved To Help Trump Sabotage The Mueller Probe

A group of far-right Trump supporting House Republicans has introduced a treasonous resolution demanding a second special counsel to investigate the Russia investigation.

NBC News’s Kasie Hunt tweeted:

The Zeldin resolution that these Trump supporting House Republicans were pitching is a bonkers document that is loaded with 11 pages of conspiracy theories pushed by Trump.

These guys are the far-right that pushed John Boehner and then Paul Ryan into retirement. They have been emboldened and encouraged by Trump. This little clique is actively working against US democracy. They are sabotaging democracy to protect Trump. The threat to US freedoms and liberties is literally inside the House. These Republicans are doing Trump’s dirty work on the Russia investigation because they view Trump as their path to power.

When members of Congress speak of needing to elect a Democratic Congress to save the republic, this is exactly what they are referring to. A Democratic Congress will take those who are doing Trump’s bidding out of power in the House and Senate. A Democratic Congress will stop the sabotage of democracy from within.

There are a group of Republicans in the House who are working against the interests of their own country. They are committing treason in the name of Donald Trump.

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