Paul Ryan Just Got Fingered As One Of Trump’s Accomplices

On MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber, House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) put the finger on Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for looking the other way and being an accomplice to Trump’s Russia crimes.


Swalwell answered a question about Rod Rosenstein buckling to pressure from Trump by saying, “I do. I wish he wouldn’t do it, Ari. Because what James Comey is saying is right, which is that facts matter and Donald Trump is trying to torch all of the facts in this case. And speaker Ryan, to allow this to continue, is an accomplice himself. You know, democracy, Ari, is not a building, it’s not the dome behind me. It’s an idea. It’s an idea you can work hard and become anything. It’s an idea that you can have a rule of law. And it is under assault right now from two fronts. The Russians who have attacked us and continue to attack us. And Donald Trump and his fixers in Congress. And we’re at a crossroads right now. Are we going to stand up and say, we don’t do this here, or let it be chipped away at until nothing is left and we now look like the country that attacked us in 2016.”

Swalwell’s right. Looking the other way instead of standing up for your country is a crime. Ryan has been a Trump enabler, and he has revealed himself to be a person of low character.

Rep. Swalwell had more to say about Ryan later in the same interview, “It’s the most disappointing part of all this. I never counted on Mitch Mcconnell, whose wife also works in the administration to stand up, but I’ve always counted on Paul Ryan. I’ve always believed he’s an honest, decent person. And to allow Devin Nunes to act the way he does, to look the other way every time Donald Trump invades on institutional norms is a complete abdication of the duties of the whole house, not just the speaker for the Republicans of the house of representatives. He has to stand up to this president and stand up to the rule of law.”

Ryan has revealed himself to be a spineless shill who sold out his own country almost as quickly as Trump did. Paul Ryan is Trump’s accomplice. Ryan vowed not to let a bill to protect Mueller be voted on in the House. After they are swept out of power, Paul Ryan and the House Republicans, need to be investigated as the criminal accomplices that they are. What Ryan is doing is abusing power, and obstructing justice, and he is aiding the cover-up of potential Trump crimes.

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