Rachel Maddow Exposes Trump’s Effort To Sabotage Robert Mueller

Rachel Maddow showed that the real purpose of the briefing that Trump forced the DOJ to give the Gang of 8 wasn’t “Spy Gate,” but it was an effort to tip off targets of the Mueller probe like Trump.


Maddow said:

Last night Robert Mueller filed a document in federal court in D.C. Arguing against a media lawsuit that’s trying to get access to search warrant stuff and some of the other material from the ongoing special counsel’s investigation. And the filing from Mueller last night is specific to that lawsuit and those circumstances, but it’s also a very helpful document for understanding what went wrong in that meeting today in D.C. “Special counsel’s investigation is ongoing. The investigation involves interconnected areas of inquiry. And the government continues to investigate key questions within the scope of the special counsel’s authority. The special counsel’s investigation has not concluded simply because it’s resulted in several indictments and several defendants have pled guilty to criminal informations. A complex investigation is not necessarily over when some defendants have been charged.” Mueller cites “Tangible investigative harms from disclosure at this state of the investigation.”

And special counsel Robert Mueller just spells it out. “Disclosure of these materials could reveal sources, methods, factual and legal theories and lines of investigation. The government does not dispute that the public is interested in understanding the special counsel’s investigation. But the government objects to public access at this stage. Revealing warrant materials could tip off subjects to investigative methods and techniques and enable them to evade detection or destroy evidence.” Yeah. And so, therefore, you do not let stuff out in the middle of an ongoing investigation. Except they did today. With all this stuff still unresolved, with all these lines of inquiry still live. How bad is that?

The bogus meeting at the White House was all about trying to derail Mueller by forcing the investigators to give Trump information about the investigation that he is a target of. Calling this a conflict of interest is being nice. It is criminal abuse of power. Violation of norms is the kind of terminology that doesn’t resonate with people who are sitting around their kitchen tables at dinner. Abuse of power is something that everyone can understand.

Donald Trump is trying to use his position as president to make a criminal investigation into his campaign, family, business, and associates go away.

You or I couldn’t do what Trump is doing.

That is what makes it an abuse of power. It is why Trump‘s behavior is criminal, and his efforts to sabotage Mueller will lead to his thunderous downfall.

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