Rudy Giuliani Cooks Up A New Excuse For Trump To Dodge Mueller

Rudy Giuliani now says that Trump won’t meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller until after he gets a report on his “Spygate” conspiracy theory.

Giuliani told The Huffington Post:
That decision, though, will apparently hinge on whether Trump is given whatever report is produced following a Justice Department probe of the FBI’s use of an informant to learn about his campaign’s contacts with Russia. Trump demanded the review on Sunday following a coordinated effort by his Capitol Hill allies and conservative media to discredit the informant.

“Are we going to get a report on ‘spygate’?” Giuliani said, using the term Trump invented this week.
Giuliani originally said that Trump was too busy preparing for the North Korea summit to talk to Mueller, but now that there is no summit, Rudy needed a new cover story, and the story that he and Trump have cooked up is the “Spygate” conspiracy theory.

Trump is never going to sit down and talk to Mueller without being subpoenaed.

The president is dodging the special counsel, which is not something that an innocent man would do. If Trump really has done nothing wrong, he should be itching to talk to Mueller. He should be knocking on the doors of the investigators read to share everything that he knows, but Trump is trying to discredit and destroy the DOJ. He smears the investigators at every turn. From day one, Trump has been trying to cover his tracks.

The excuses are getting worse from Trump and Giuliani, as it is getting increasingly difficult for them to hide the fact that they are dodging an interview with Robert Mueller.

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