GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Blasts Republicans Who Are Complicit In Trump Crimes

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt hammered serial liar Donald Trump and called members of own party’s complicit actions in Trump’s crimes a scandal that is not being talked about.


Schmidt said:

This president is besieged by investigations and all around this president from Scott Pruitt, the cabinet secretaries that have already resigned, received fantastic levels of corruption, type of corruption we haven’t seen in this country going back 100 years. And what’s increasingly clear, whether the target is James Comey, whether it’s director Mueller, the special counsel, the reality is this president will burn everything to the ground to protect himself, to protect himself from this investigation moving closer to the oval office. Everything he’s doing is a strategy of incitement. He’s trying to harden and incite his base through the most deliberate, intense, misinformation campaign this country has ever seen.

This president is a serial liar. He is lying to the American people every day. He is making up things out of whole cloth. He is serially attacking vital institutions that are necessary to the security of the country. He will apparently stop at nothing. There is a second scandal and that is the complicity of the majority party, the Republican Party in the Congress. There is not one of them, not one who will stand up and say that we are a country of laws, that no person is above the law, that these institutions are vital and necessary and objective truth matters. This is propaganda. This is what propaganda looks like. It’s what it smells like. We have never seen anything like it.

Schmidt was right. The second great and unreported scandal is that Republicans have been complicit in the Trump crime wave. Sure, there has been some tough talk from a few Senators, but there has been no action. When push comes to shove, the Republican majorities in the House and Senate have gone along with Trump. The calls are growing for Republicans to pay the price for their role as accomplices in Trump’s crimes, and the ultimate political price that can be paid is voting them out of office in November.

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