Trump Jeopardizes Reporters By Canceling Summit While They Are In N. Korea

Trump showed no regard for the safety of journalists by canceling the summit, while they are still in N. Korea to “witness” the “destruction” of a nuclear test site.

Peter Alexander of NBC News tweeted:

The White House could have waited to release the letter until after the journalists had safely gotten out of North Korea.

In 2016, a BBC crew was detained and expelled from North Korea. In 2017, the regime sentenced South Korean journalists and their publishers to death in absentia because they wrote a book about North Korea.

North Korea is not a safe country for journalists. Trump risked the safety of journalists because he had to throw a tantrum because Kim Jong-un insulted Mike Pence. This is not how foreign relations should ever be conducted, but as usual, Trump shows a total disregard for anyone’s life but his own.

Trump isn’t just failing. His failures are jeopardizing innocent lives.

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