Trump Whines Like A Jilted Teen In Desperate Letter Canceling N. Korea Summit

Trump’s letter canceling the North Korea summit was a whine fest that lacked any hint of authority or power.

Here is the letter from Trump to Kim Jong-un as provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House:

Trump’s letter shows his desperation

The Trump letter can best be read of the pleas of an emotional teen who is hoping that their boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t break up with them. The letter reads like Trump is trying to guilt Kim into holding the summit.

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The summit was canceled after Kim Jong-un called Vice President Mike Pence a dummy for suggesting the Lybia model for denuclearization. Trump’s claims of restoring international respect got a slap in the face from the North Korean regime. Trump’s response letter was not one of strength. Trump did not say that the economic pressure would be increased on North Korea. He also didn’t vow that North Korea will not have a nuclear weapon.

Instead, his letter was urging Kim to remember the good times like when the regime freed American citizens that should have never been imprisoned in the first place, and Trump continued to sell Kim Jong-un like he was trying to sell some real estate by promising wealth and prosperity from a deal with Trump.

The regime already got what they wanted. Kim Jong-un got elevated on the world stage. They gave up nothing that they weren’t already finished with, and Trump got played.

Trump’s letter wasn’t presidential or competent. It was the failed fumblings of a man doesn’t belong on the world stage.

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