A Former CIA Director Just Destroyed Trump’s Campaign Spy Lie

Former CIA Director John Brennan explained exactly why Trump is lying when he claims that there was a spy in his presidential campaign.


Brennan was asked by Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC to explain the difference between a spy and a confidential informant.

He answered, “First of all I think there’s very typical of Mr. Trump to mischaracterize. He’s a master of mischaracterization and dishonesty. A spy is recruited. Usually, it’s a foreign national who is going to work on behalf of U.S. Intelligence agencies and provide information about issues related to our national security. A confidential human source is what the FBI uses in order to have some insight into what may be going on that could involve criminal activity and so to label someone as a spy when they are confidential human source is doing a disservice to these individuals but to the FBI. This is something that Mr. Trump is masterful at in terms of twisting the truth in order to support his narrative.”

There was no spy in the Trump campaign

For as long as Trump continues to insist that there was a spy in his campaign, it needs to be reported that there was no spy. The only way that a lie as big as the one that Trump is telling can take hold is if people stop pointing out the truth. There was no spy, and as former CIA Director Brennan said this is Trump twisting the truth to fit his own narrative. The last refuge of the guilty is to claim that there was a conspiracy against them.

Trump has reached that point. The evidence is against him. The facts aren’t on his side. Public opinion is supporting the investigation. In order to keep his supporters and soften the blow of what is coming next, Trump has had to invent a conspiracy theory. By definition and practice, there was no spy.

What the FBI did have was a reason to investigate potential criminal activity inside the Trump campaign.

As long as intelligence experts like John Brennan keep speaking up, Trump’s spy lie will go home to die.

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