The Noose Tightens As Mueller Obtains Israeli Analysis On How Fake News And Bots Helped Trump Win

The Russia investigation bad news keeps coming for Trump, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller has obtained an Israeli intelligence firm’s analysis of how fake news and social media accounts helped Trump get elected.

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The Wall Street Journal reported:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have obtained a presentation prepared by an Israel-based private intelligence firm that outlines ways in which Donald Trump’s 2016 election was helped by fake news and fake social-media accounts, according to people familiar with the presentation and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Mueller’s interest in the presentation suggests his investigation is focusing on the role of social-media manipulation during the 2016 campaign. Intelligence officials have said that cyber-influence campaigns, sometimes covertly sponsored by foreign governments, are expected to become a major part of political campaigning in the coming years.

The news that Meuller has obtained this analysis is the second whammy of a one-two punch that has a video of a sanctioned Russian oligarch showing up at Trump Tower 11 days before the inauguration. The evidence is becoming overwhelming. It seems like every day another piece of the puzzle is revealed. The Mueller investigation appears to be connecting all of the dots. The Special Counsel is tracing the Trump/Russia relationship, and how that relationship was converted into conspiratorial action to help Trump win the presidency.

This is not going to be a happy holiday weekend on the golf course for Trump. Instead, expect a seething president to try to overshadow a day of remembrance for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country with tirades about the Russia scandal on Twitter.

Robert Mueller is coming, as the evidence is piling up against Trump.

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